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Christmas 2009

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Trying to figure how to blog again, it has been way too long. The boys got these slippers for a christmas gift, they think they are scary!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Out of my Mind

I am so angry.

Tonight we met friends at Stray Dog for dinner, local place right over the tracks. We leave the restaurant around 8, heading home, me pushing the double stroller, the boys just wanting to see a train at the tracks. We get over the tracks, stop to cross Whittaker, wait our turn, then proceed, this car starts towards us, I just stand my ground. Probably sounds pretty dumb now, but we were clearly in the right of way, and it was totally light out. We are right in front of a very popular ice cream hang out, that is packed. This car does not stop. So I stand there, my two boys in the stroller, I was starting to get ticked. Then this KID driver flips me off. He is still moving towards me. Now I am not moving. He finally stops, because he has no where else to go, I am standing 2 feet from the front of his car. That is when I say to him, 'how old are you?' He replies '19.' I wanted to jump in his car and pull his freaking face through his ass. But I didn't, I just stood there. He had traffic backed up, we are on the main drag of town, you know. I am so mad. He tells me in so many words to move my stroller. I just stand there. Then he flips me off again and backs up and takes off down the side street. I hear in the back ground , 'you go Donna', I swear I felt like I was in a Flashdance repeat, you know where the locals take on the other town. I am home 2 hours later, and still pissed off.

We live here in this resort town, I grew up in Indiana, lived in Chicago for many years. Now I live in Mayberry. The locals don't like the FIPS (Freaking Indiana People, or Freaking Illinois People) I have tried to be nice. I came from both places. But I might just be turning into a local Michigan person, I think ...

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th of July

Happy Day,

I am on my new lap top that my husband bought me, the boys are playing trains, trucks, bikes and cars in the driveway and my husband is cooking. Do I have anything to complain about, uuuuuh no. And he just brought me out another glass of champagne! I love summer. We were at the pool all day yesterday, even in the rain. We had such a good time, the boys love the water! Evan has always been a big fan, but this year Nick is like a little fish too. He was potty trained last weekend, God Bless my mother! So he loves to pee everywhere, everywhere. Which is fine with me. Little did I know that last week when I purchased diapers, it would be my last time. Maybe I would have had the clerk at Walgreens take my picture or something! Wow, but just the thought of the extra 40 a month, hmmmmm, what fund should that go into ... college, swimming pool, private schools, beer , probably beer. I'm just so happy for him, and he is so proud!!!!!!! He is big like Evan, and that is all that matters in his little world. I love these boys!

Happy 4th of July

Friday, June 26, 2009

Nick in the pool

Summer is finally here and we have Nick in the pool. Last year he was afraid of the water, this year he wanted to get in, well with a little help from us. He did need his wings, this his noodle, then his gobbles. But he loves it now. We are so happy, because Evan would live in the pool if we would let him! We love Rocky's pool!

Last night I was downstairs on my computer, I was just getting ready to head to bed, when Nick lets out this scream! And what is he screaming? NO EVAN. Poor kid, Evan is even picking on him while he is asleep! Then Evan tells me this morning that someone had a frightful dream last night, right because of you!